Honor Thy Sacred Fire. A Prayer.

Today I honor my sacred fire.
My holy fire.
My cosmic fire.

Today I honor all things that must burn so that I may be renewed.
Today I honor the deaths of all things and situations that do not serve me….by order of my holy fire.

Today I allow the Phoenix in to be born again so that I may rise rise to the top of myself.

Today I remember and honor that my sacred fire comes from animal, primal, wild woman self.

I BOW DOWN and show much respect and honor to that ancient part of me.

Today I give myself over to the cosmic fire of the sun.
I allow her to mold me into my greatest becoming.
I give myself permission to burn….all the way down to the bone. So I am be refreshed, renewed and reborn.
Axe. Amen. Aho. Blessed be.

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