Who is LadySpeech?

LadySpeech Sankofa is a renaissance woman. An artist, speaker, writer and poet, LadySpeech is the epitome of her name. A performer who uses her art for healing, progression and revolution, Speech is one of the premier wordsmiths out of Denver, Colorado. Each year since making her break-out debut as host one of the original hosts of Café Nuba, (founded by Ashara Ekundayo) Speech has elevated her status and stature. Using her creativity and observations of society to create unique and original works, the Libra high priestess has opened doors for women all over the city. Hailing from the neighborhood of Park Hill, LadySpeech has offered her unique hosting touch to shows including Talib Kweli, Oscar Browne Junior, Amiri Baraka, Desmond Tutu, India Arie and others. A...

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