Spiritual Guidance.

Well you did save my life…I was listening to those troglodytes praise tRump and threaten me and my baby….I’d come out this way to start over, I trusted too much and got burned…it felt like the walls were closing in on me. But you pulled me up out of a dark place that day. I still have the notes I took while you spoke to me. I hope to one day shake your hand, and my newsfeed would be straight nekked without your wisdom and joy spread throughout. – S. Harris

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Tarot Reading

In the reading you had me realize I needed to trust myself and that I was seeing obstacles that weren’t actually obstacles. You told me I was ready. I really needed to hear that at the time and that guidance continues to help me today. – H. Yates

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Mojo Bag

SO THE MOJO BAG: When you came over to my house to deliver it I was a wreck. I felt unstable, I had lost touch with my own magick and practice due to stress and anxiety. It took a little bit for me to feel secure in placing it under my pillow because I didnt know if it could work for me. Nights went by and I would wake up with it in my hands even though it was under my pillow. I stopped feeling like the world was against me and began weaving my needs in my sleep. The room is grounded my luck changed a lot. I did a few of the things you suggested… Tehee wont mention them here but I noticed my taste in lovers and expectations have changed. Even so much to where they have weeded themselves out my life for the better. I really appreciate the work and magic...

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