Dear America…I’m Still Gonna have Beautiful Black Babies…

Dear America,
I’m still gonna have babies. Your hatred of me isn’t going to tell my womb what to do. I am greater than you. There was no plan for my people. Any of my people. We were all supposed to die. You have done an amazing job of almost killing us. But you can’t quite get rid of us. Every time you come soooooo close. Yet no cigar. This is what fuels your anger these days. It’s the fact that I, we will not stay down.

I used to fear having babies. I mean WHO in their right mind would want to do that right!? Who would want to bring any life let alone BLACK life into this hateful world. There is a good chance that I’ll bury my child before my child gets the chance to bury me. There is a chance that my child will be slain by the effects of colonization before they reach adulthood. There is a good chance for a lot of things. But every time a black child is born it is a signal that you cannot kill off original people. Every time a Black child is born an ancestor who was flung from a boat into a watery grave gets to breath again. Every time a black child is born it is in direct defiance to your belief that we are not valuable. Every time a Black child is born A Black ancestors is liberated.

Dear America, you do indeed got us backed into a corner. Yes, you have a few advantages over us, but we are beginning to remember our power. We are beginning to remember that you had no plan for us. The fact that we are here means we are doing something right. You can only keep a people in fear for so long. At some point something is gonna break.

Dear America, I am still gonna have babies, I’m gonna have strong black beautiful wonderful babies. I’m gonna teach them the pain and the power of our herstory/history. They are gonna KNOW their skin is BLACK GOLD.They are gonna KNOW their worth and their beauty. They are gonna know that YOU America do not value them this way. I will prepare them for you. I will arm them with first of all things LOVE. I will cover them in wisdom. They will be rooted in understanding. I will prepare them to meet death no matter when and how it calls with dignity, courage, love, trust, and faith. From the minute they are born they will know that BLACK is beautiful. That Every part of them is beautiful and worthy of protection. You may succeed in ripping them from my hands. But I, We have already won America. We are still here.

I remember Nate Turner. I remember that that the master tools are useless when dismantling the masters house. I will teach my babies Nate Turner. I am remembering the way back to the most ancient of prayers, of song, the source of my power and my original weapons so I can begin to dismantle the masters house. My children and my children’s children will continue this work.

Dear America. I am Still Gonna Have Babies BEAUTIFUL STRONG BLACK BABIES. YOUR HATRED OF ME ISN’T GOING TO TELL MY WOMB WHAT TO DO. I am an army of all my past life and future children. I, WE ARE GREATER THAN YOU.

LadySpeech Sankofa and ALL my children and ALL my ancestors.

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