Dear Men, Especially all those “good men” who vowed to show up for women in the aftermath of the #MeToo Movement…

Dear Men…
And yes I’m even talking to the “good” ones, THE MEN WHO VOWED TO SHOW UP FOR WOMEN DURING THE BEGINNING OF THE #MeTooMOVEMENT, the “woke” “brothers”. The ones with girl / woman / Femme / gay / trans children. The one with the degree in Women’s Studies. The men who are feminist. The ones who date, uplift, “support”, protect, fuck “love” women. The activists. The ones who are gay, Pansexual, bisexual, the ones who “don’t see gender”. The ones who pride themselves on never having violently sexually assaulted a woman. The reformed womanizers who are getting to old to hoe or they got kids now. The ones that don’t see male privilege as a real thing. The ones who call women Queens all the time. The Hippy dudes and the hoteps, as well as all the other ones, who claim women, claim to Love women, claim pussy, claim to love pussy…

Have you checked / healed your inherent and indoctrinated male privilege / toxic fragile masculinity today?
After you checked yourself, did you check, heal your male / masculine of center, men folk families in regards to their own inherent and indoctrinated toxic and frail masculinity and male privilege?

Have you talked to your boys about all the times you / they took your / their mental health, your / their trauma and pain out on a woman because it’s not “manly” to go seek professional mental health?
Did you go back and check yourself and your boys on how much you objectified, used, witnessed YOUR FRIENDS beat on women and said did nothing in her defense?
Do you and your boys talk about how rejection hurts you and practice ways to manage it better?
How are the conversations going when you remind YOURSELF, YOUR FATHER, YOUR SON, YOUR FRIENDS that women DONT OWE YOU SHIT!!!!
Women don’t owe you a got damn smile.
Women don’t owe you good energy.
We don’t owe you PRETTY.
We don’t owe you PUSSY.

When was the last time.

Because that’s who kills women for saying no to their sexual advances.
That’s who beats his woman and gets up on the activism, art, political stage to champion for a cause.
Because that’s who is raping, has raped, will rape and sexually assault your / our mama, your / our friends, your / our ex’s, your / our daughter.
“Well meaning” “run of the mill” average men who are rooted in their privilege, encouraged and raised by rape culture, and acting on their inherent and indoctrinated toxic and fragile masculinity.Thats right, YOUR GOOD FRIEND HATES WOMEN and shows this by beating them. Your Father is sexist and and undermined your mother in many ways. Yes your cousin James is a rapist and hates women and femmes too!!!! Yes your friends mistreat, misuse, abuse black women. Yes, There is a GOOD chance that YOU YES EVEN YOU have hurt women and femmes in your male privilege toxic fragility inherent and indoctrinated.

Dear good dudes,
When was the last time you checked healed that shit?

I’m asking for myself.
Because if I leave the house with less than 2 weapons to defend myself I feel naked and in danger.
I’m asking for all the dead black women who have been murdered at the hand of fragile masculinity.
Because right before I say no to a dude I take a deep breath…then read his body language, try to put my hand on one of my weapons, and pray he is mentally stable enough to receive rejection and NOT KILL ME.
I’m asking for all the women raped, for the Nigerian girls that were abducted, for the women killed in the name of domestic violence, for the women in Juarez Mexico who were kidnapped raped and killed. For ALL THE MISSING AND MURDERED NATIVE INDIGENOUS WOMEN ON THIS LAND.

I’m asking because I wonder if I will die today while living my life being woman and Femme.

#Questions #LadySpeech #DearMen

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