Dear White People, Especially the run of the mill, average ass, everyday White People…

Dear White People…
And yes I’m even talking to the “good” ones, the “woke” ones. The ones with biracial children, the one with the degree in African American history, the ones who date and fuck black people, the ones who are gay, the ones who culture vulture my heritage, the ones who “don’t see color”, as well as all the other ones,

Have you checked you inherent and indoctrinated fear of black people today?
After you checked yourself, did you check your white families, close white friends, and other “well meaning white people” on their inherent indoctrinated fear of black people today?

Because that’s who called the cops on those two black men who were literally living while black at a Starbucks and got the cops called on them.
That’s who shoot the young black boy missed his bus knocked & on a door to ask for directions.
“Well meaning” “run of the mill” average ass white people who were rooted in their privilege, encouraged by their racist president, and acting on their white inherent and indoctrinated white fear and hatred of blackness. That right YOUR Uncle Bob is a racist. Yes your cousin Emily is a racist and afraid of black people too!!!! Yes your grandma hated black people.

Dear well meaning, I don’t see color, “I’m an activist for the cause”, vanilla ass let me see your manager, I got black kids so I can’t be racist, MY WHITE FRIENDS IN REAL LIFE AND ON SOCIAL MEDIA?
When was the last time you checked your inherent and indoctrinated hatred and fear of blackness?

I’m asking for myself.
I’m asking for all the dead black women who have been murdered at the hands of white supremacy.
I’m asking for all the black kids killed on American soil.

I’m asking because I wonder if I will die today while living my life being black.

#Questions #LadySpeech

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