For those struggling with Mental Health.

Your friends and family are out here suffering in plain sight with mental illness.
Some of you are out here suffering in plan sight with mental illness.

There is no shame on having mental illness.
There is no shame in having trauma.
There is no shame in dealing with your mental health.
There is no shame on your deep grief.
There is no shame in seeking help and healing.
There is no shame on helping our brothers, sisters, and loved ones heal.

If you need help please seek help. You are worthy, loved and deeply needed on this planet.
If you see your family, friends, suffering in plain sight and you have love, a listening ear. Resources, a hug, a willingness and energy to assist, please help.
Because sometimes your hand held out in love and assistance could be the thing that helps someone heal.
Keep bothering your friends who say they are OK but deep down you KNOW they are not.
Throw your love around your people who pull away from everyone because they have been told that their mental illness makes them “to much to deal with” and they feel like a burden.
Keep checking on your friends who are there for everyone else, but you rarely see folks there for them.
Listen to your instincts immediately when spirit tells you to call on someone, check in with someone, seek someone out to see if they are ok.
Give real hugs. Give real love. Give real support.

If you are dealing with heaviness of your mental health or grief right now…
KNOW that you are NOT a burden.
KNOW that you deserve love, and care.
KNOW that you deserve healing.
KNOW that you are loved. Even when it doesn’t feel like it.
KNOW that reaching out for help doesn’t make you weak. It makes you the strongest of us all.

Be honest with yourself and your community about your mental health.
As a community member STOP ignoring your villages distress, dysfunction, cries for help, degenerative behaviors, regression, and mental health breaks.

We must show up for each other.
We must show up for ourselves.

I love you.
I live you.
I heal you.
I am healed by you.
Thank you.


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