LadySpeech’s rules for a successful cuddle season.

Cuddle season is here.
And seeing how I am about to start hitting folks up for some good old fashion cuddle sessions here are a few of my rules.

1. We both bring cuddle snacks. Snacks must not be too messy so we don’t fuck up the bed, fort, pallet, coach, or nest of pillows we are on. Also they must be easy to eat while in various cuddle positions.

2. Be prepared to nap. Because we all know that a good cuddle is a gateway drug to a good nap. We gone do some quality sleeping (as in we sleep, go night night together and NOT FUCK each other).

3. Sometimes cuddling leads to fucking (not always). But if we are attracted to each other….and we cuddling…bring condoms…Because we need to be prepared for whatever happens.

4. Platonic cuddling is my jam (not all cuddling leads to fucking). So be prepared to rub up all over each other. Cuddle, hug, love on each other, hold each other, and then just walk away satisfied with all the good positive touch we engaged in. (Can You Say Human Puppy Pile). YAY cuddling with my friends.

5. Booty rubs are a MUST (and this may or may not lead to fucking. Sometimes a good booty rub is platonic as fuck. Sometimes a good booty rub is just a good stand alone none sexual booty rub. Sometimes a good booty rub is prelude to the best pussy and dick of your LIFE!!!! Consent and communication is key). NO matter what…rub my booty and I will rub yours if that’s what your into.

6. Do Not be afraid of my thickness. Respect my thickness. Love my thickness. Get lost in my thickness. Luxuriate in my thickness. Bask in my thickness. Let my thickness keep you warm. Keep my thickness warm. Appreciate my thickness. Bring the good snacks to help me maintain my thickness. Surround my thickness with love and let my thickness bring you Goodness.

7. soft clothes or no clothes are always best for cuddling.

8. I like to cuddle and read books, cuddle and watch movies, cuddle and smoke weed, cuddle and giggle, cuddle in silence, cuddle sleep, cuddle and watch sunsets and sunrise, cuddle and people watch, cuddle and quietly talk shit about people, cuddle and make out, cuddle and eat yummy things. Be prepared to do any and all of things…while cuddling.

9. Pre-sex cuddles are my jam. SOOOOOOO if we got that mutual sexual energy between us…we cuddling…and fucking…and cuddling…and making love…and cuddling…so that’s that.

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