Motivational Coaching With LadySpeech

Motivational Coaching with LadySpeech …
Your Personal Motivational Coach.

A month to month personal motivational coaching program designed to uplift, encourage, and inspire you towards your best, highest and most badass self.
Every week LadySpeech is your personal cheerleader, your number #1 Supporter, and your slick talking, sometimes cussing, life giving, love pouring personal Motivational Coach focused on helping you to be your best and MOST bad ass Self.

The Program –
We begin every month with a pre-recorded video to set the tone, theme and spark your hearts fire for the month.
#SacredSunday – Every Sunday you receive a newsletter in your email inbox to help start your week off in on a positive note and focus your thoughts on your highest good.
#BottomBitchMonday – On Monday’s LadySpeech lights up your inbox again with a Video that encourages you to make Monday’s your best and bottom bitch.
You will receive two to four text messages week to help center your internal self talk towards positivity and radical self love.
You will also receive 1-3 affirmative emails a week filled with affirmations, tips around self care, mental health, and radical self love, mantra, uplifting quotes, chants, and links to inspiring stories from around the world to keep you focused on your goals and your healing.
There is a middle of the month conference call where LadySpeech checks in with the group, answer specific questions, and delivers an inspired word of encouragement.
All this for $45 a month.

Do you need a personal cheerleader?
Are you looking for some sometimes daily uplifting to stay afloat?
Have you wished you could keep LadySpeech in your pocket and pull her out when you need some encouragement and a tiny little Speech sized pick me up?
Then Motivational Coaching With LadySpeech is for you.
Email for more information on how to sign up.

I love you. I live you. Thank you.

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