Note to self (and anybody else who needs it): Grow your Wings!

Note / Reminder to self (any anybody else who needs it):

“Sometimes you just have to jump out the window and grow wings on the way down.”
― Ray Bradbury

…and sometimes when you hesitate the Universe drop kicks your ass out of the window while you’re not looking.

I am In the process of growing my wings. There is no time to fear when you see the ground rushing to greet you with a concrete hug. There is no time to doubt yourself, your talent, your power, and your mission when you have no choice but to choose life, to choose light, to choose to victory, to choose yes, to choose you.

Growing wings is never easy but the flight into your highest self and greatest glory makes the challenge worth it. I refuse to meet the ground in a rush of I was too afraid to fly so I let myself plummet to my spiritual death.
I have lived a beautiful life up to now with the valuable perspective of a caterpillar. It is time to fly so that I may see the rest of my life from the perspective of the butterfly I was always destined to be.

Sometimes you have to jump out of the window…
and sometimes when you are willing but too afraid,
sometimes when you want to but don’t think you can make that move,
sometimes when you hesitate,
Sometimes when your doubt has frozen your limbs,
the universe, Goddess, God, push you, trip you, drop kick you, and or tackle your ass out of the window and force you into your magic, force you to grow your magnificent wings and take flight.
They do this because they have complete and true faith in your ability to fly. They trust the power and the instinct of your wings.
They trust the rightness of your divine design.
So if The most high and trusts you, if Universe trust you, If your ancestors trust you…then you should trust you too.

Your wings are big enough, strong enough, and magic enough to carry you.
So grow them past your doubt, past your fears, past any insecurity…AND FLY!


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