Note to Self (and anyone else who needs it). Focus.

Note to Self (And Anyone else who needs it)
Focus on your glow up.
Focus on your healing.
Focus on the epic beat down you need to hand deliver to your fears.
Focus on what makes you happy and what satisfies you.
Focus on love.
Focus on your peace.
Focus on your growth.
Focus on joy.
Focus on your pleasure.
Focus on your part in creating a better world.
Focus your love on Mother Earth.
Focus on your goals.
Focus on your wings and your flight towards success.
Focus on your medicine.
Focus on your village.
Focus your love, hugs, time, and medicine on the babies.
Focus on the elders and the wisdom they give.
Focus on your path, your purpose, your calling.
Focus on the opportunities Universe has for you.
Focus on your transformation.
Focus your energy.
I love you. I live you.

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