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CarlosHi, I’m Carlos and I run Blu Bambu.

Blu Bambu is a brand identity design firm dedicated to helping small to mid-sized businesses, artists and organizations from around the world manage and project an effective brand name and image.

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Keep in mind that our main goal is to provide you with inspirational visual design (print, web, video) that is clean and stylish, projecting your intended message effectively. Blu Bambu’s success is measured by the quality of design that enables you to stand out above the competition while building the brand recognition you need. And if that wasn’t enough, Blu Bambu can assist you in developing an efficient social media architecture and successful campaigns that will expose you to a larger audience.

View our portfolio for samples of work.

Blu Bambu’s services include:

  • Design for Printed Marketing Materials
  • Publications & Newsletters

Thank you for learning more about Blu Bambu – home of creativity!

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