Stretch Marks the spot for self love.

Years ago I got upset with all the marketing that is aimed towards getting rid of stretch marks. This anger came after dealing with and healing from years of abusing my body in the quest to be thin while dealing with Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

I dealt in some dangerous activities in the quest to lose weight. Lots of the things I did worked. I am thankful and count my blessings I wasn’t one of the people who died from engaging in those things.

In the quest to embrace, love, heal and move back in to my body part by part limb by limb, I discovered and reprogrammed this indoctrinated hatred for my stretch marks that I didn’t like. I reclaimed and renamed mine in order to rebirth and reinforce eternal a complete love for every part of my body.

My stretch marks become my wisdom ribbons. They become my Tiger strips. They become these things of power until I came into my power and saw them for what they really are. They are maps to science of the ancestors and esoteric magic. They are medicine marching up my skin give me the ability to heal to birth men and women light beings and everything between. They are the marks of a warrior.
For I am
And everything and anything in the great mystery.

My wisdom ribbons are my bodies hieroglyphics.
My body tells stories.

I dare you to reclaim in this moment a part of your body you were taught to hate right now.
Do it. And pour love into yourself.
I pour love into you. I love you. You are perfect.
I love me. I am perfect.

Self LOVE Is a beautiful life long journey.
In the name of love reclaim a part of you have been programmed to hate.
I dare you.

Love LadySpeech

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