Tarot, Motivational Coaching

On those days, during those times, when life has felt desperately challenging, I have had the fortunate opportunity to be with Lady Speech. During those times, she wasn’t just reading tarot cards (although she’s my favorite practitioner of that art), but providing much needed counsel for my wounded heart. Speech generously (and with much enthusiasm and unbridled self-expression) administers the spiritual balm I need. With her piercing intuition and loving spirit, she is one of the most important voices I seek out when all of life feels too heavy. At times, I have done nothing but weep as her gifts of words and direction flow easily.

Speech, however, is not just a priestess of darkness, but also a witch of the light. I have enjoyed many deep belly laughs with her and appreciate her capacity for embracing all that is good and growing and lovely, too.

Lady Speech is a gift, one I will treasure all my life. – M. Langston

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