Thank You to all my deliciously sensual friends.

Thank You to all my deliciously sensual friends.
To all my sex positive pro orgasmic friends.
To all my people who are un-apologetically hedonistic and students of pleasure.
To the women in my life who give themselves unconditional love and permission to pursue the gift of their bliss and their clits down the rabbit hole of cosmic euphoria.
To all the men in my life who allow sexual sensual rapture to find them through softness and hardness who move past toxic male sexuality in order to access the magic in their penis.
To all my people stepping out of the gender binary while celebrating their pleasure by honoring and centering sexual bliss in their lives.
To all my folks that understand and perpetuate the connection between the sexual / sensual / spiritual.
To my village that knows the first temples, the fist churches, the first places of worship were and still are each others bodies.
Shout out to my Asexual folks who teach us the lesson of standing out side the act of sex and appreciating it without wanting, needing,or craving it.
Long live the lovers. The spirits that KNOW the magic that is sex. The ones who use sex to heal. The ones who make love to life every time they fuck, make love, have sex, engage in the holy act. To the ones who recognize the power, the holiness, the alchemy, the healing, the Goddess, the death, the life the everything of sex and honor it as such.

Long Live, Thank You, and praise be to the Students of sex, the teachers of sex, the Lovers, my fellow Shaman, Healers, Gods, and Goddess of sex.

We out here making the world a better place.


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