Verbal Exchange

I am proud to be one of the Features for Verbal Exchange for the month of June. Come check out my feature set and support a good cause!!!!!

ISee InPoetry has decided to host a monthly “Each 1 Reach 1” event during the regularly scheduled Verbal Exchange (on the 4th Tuesday of every month)

The purpose of this event is to give back to the community while building community through conversation and poetry. We want to do more than just talk about it/ write about it. Now it’s time to be about it!

Each month this will be done in different ways: food, clothes, and book drive; hashtag lunchbag, street clean up, etc.

Wherever there is a need we want to fill it in whatever way we can.

This month I was immensely inspired by the new Wells Fargo commercial which was, in turn, inspired by Hashtag Lunchbag. To make a long story short they were just like us: people who want to make a difference in any small way possible. And they did gaining the notoriety of a major corporation like Wells Fargo so we are going to follow their lead right here in Denver.

Verbal Exchange Tuesdays

Verbal Exchange Tuesdays

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