Who is LadySpeech?

LadySpeech Sankofa is a renaissance woman. An artist, speaker, writer and poet, LadySpeech is the epitome of her name. A performer who uses her art for healing, progression and revolution, Speech is one of the premier wordsmiths out of Denver, Colorado. Each year since making her break-out debut as host one of the original hosts of Café Nuba, (founded by Ashara Ekundayo) Speech has elevated her status and stature. Using her creativity and observations of society to create unique and original works, the Libra high priestess has opened doors for women all over the city.

Hailing from the neighborhood of Park Hill, LadySpeech has offered her unique hosting touch to shows including Talib Kweli, Oscar Browne Junior, Amiri Baraka, Desmond Tutu, India Arie and others.

A vibrant and conscise event host, Speech has created the long running open microphone poetry set Freedom of Speech at Gypsy House very first and third Tuesday of the month. Her skills as facilitator are most useful with children as well. The series “Storytime with LadySpeech” is held at Mutiny Information Café on the first and third Sunday from 2pm-4pm.

A Goddess of love and child of Oshun (Yoruba/Ifa), LadySpeech is a writer of the most elegant and erotic poetry. She brings her words to life with an interactive erotic poetry event, “The Red Light,” which she hosts at Deer Pile on the second Thursday of the month.

Speech believes when artists are fully evolved in love, the world is better and the art is more vibrant. As an ordained minister, Speech joins lively spirits in eternal commitments with her words woven into spells and blessings.

LadySpeech Sankofa is a motivational speaker and she honed her prowess through experience and making a difference in the lives of youth. A counselor with department of Human Services and the Curtis Park Community Center, Speech helped build summer programs for at risk youth.

Using progressive language and sex positive language, The Panties, the interactive internet radio show was created. As a result LadySpeech has had her written work published in Ebony Magazine. A medicine woman and dula in training you’d be hard-pressed to find a subject regarding culture and activism not close to her heart. A poet since the age of 8, the woman with the heart of gold has transformed her magical being into tarot reading and other forms of metaphysics but poetry remains at her core.

“Poetry saved me personally and allowed me to accept myself. Learning of Nikki Giovanni and Sonia Sanchez, these words helped me understand the depth and the weight of my word. Langston Hughes helped me see the value in the depth of my pain,” she says.

LadySpeech Sankofa is available for metaphysical and poetry workshops, tarot readings, medicine woman necessities, motivational speeches and much, much more.

Written by Ru Johnson

Website: The Gravy
Twitter: @theperfectRu
Editorial: Denver Westword
Editorial: The Denver Post (Reverb)

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