Who you gonna call?

I have decided to start calling the cops and 911 on random white people doing white people things in public.

I call this karmic self care / radical self therapy.

Since fragile racist white ladies and toxic racist white men is out here calling the police on innocent Black Brown, and Native folks because they feel “uncomfortable” with us existing in public…

Below or some of the reasons I am going to call the cops on random white people.

– white privilege makes me uncomfortable.

-because white people have a history of stealing black people and I’m afraid they gonna kidnap me from the block.

-because white people have a history of stealing cultures and I’m afraid they are gonna steal something from me right now. (As a matter of fact, where is my purse?!?)

-because white people have a legacy and history of stealing whole countries from indigenous people and I’m afraid they are gonna mug me.

-because I see Karen engaging in white nonesense and white none nonsense is ruining the environment and polluting the ocean.

-Because “Chads” Caucasity is fragile, he looks like a school shooter and I think he got a gun.

-because “Susan” has triggered my post traumatic slavery disorder when she looked at that Black Boy like he was Emmit Teal.

-because yo bad ass white children are running this store terrorizing me and mine acting like monkeys escaped from the zoo and I see no parental guidance around so I’m gonna call the cops because I’m a concerned citizen.

-Because Bill is being aggressive in is Speech toward me and I feel like my life is threatened.

I encourage other black people, Brown people and indigenous people to begin calling the cops on random white people for doing random white people things. I encourage down ass white people to begin to call the cops on fellow suspicious white people doing suspicious white people things.

To the white people that this status makes uncomfortable. Good. Sit all the way in that like a dirty shitty diaper. Be all up in your feelings about what I just said. Do not respond to me about your feelings. Because I don’t care. Do not comment on this status. Stuff white fragility back down your throat and choke on it or heal, I could give two fucks which. Just know that I. Am. Stronger. Than. You. Because this is the reality I live under everyday.


May your white privilege be with you.

Love LadySpeech Sankofa

#WhoYaGonnaCall #ThePopo #SelfCare #IssaMovement #SuckItUpButterCup

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